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Margaret Orech was on her way home to spend Christmas with her family in Uganda when the bus she was traveling on ran over and detonated a landmine planted by rebel militia. Margaret lost the bottom half of her right leg from the blast. After recovering in a local hospital and having her family help her rehabilitate, she told our team during an interview that learning to walk again was difficult, but the hardest part of her adapting to living with a handicap was using the bathroom

As founder of the Uganda Landmine Survivor's association, Margaret has become a voice for persons with disabilities across the globe. In 2019 she was honored as a Human Right Defender by the European Union, and continues to fight for equality for persons with disabilities in Uganda. Margaret is the inspiration behind this project and the driving force behind the solutions.


Team Presentation at the Oxford Global Challenge

Oxford University, 2017

Margaret Orech - Human Rights Defender

Uganda, 2019


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